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About URLSales.bid

URLSales.bid is owned by Bizmaker Domains, Inc a Florida corporation located in Largo, on the states west coast. Bizmaker Domains owns and operates hundreds of domains and websites, many of which are listed on this site.

The Company provides an array of tools and services and is a one-stop-shop for domain acquisition and affiliate program recommendations. For the past sixteen years principals of Bizmaker Domains have been developing ecommerce websites and are currently structuring Bizmaker Domains for a major Internet push.

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Welcome to our URL based domains business.

Domain Sales and Acquisition

We currently have over 400 URL's/domains available for purchase! For a partial list please click here.

Template Customization

There are great website templates available on the Internet. Templates allow customers to have a complete website customized and published for less money and shorter wait times!

Website Hosting

We have a great, low-cost hosting platform. If you purchase a financed domain from us we provide free hosting.

Website Marketing

This is most important for the success of your domain project! We can help with that success!


Our preferred method of contact is by email. For a fast turnaround of your inquiry, please use the form below or email us at: info@bizmakerdomains.com